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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Burleson embraces Mark Noll; Seismic Shift?/Exquisite link

Until I have time to provide the links for you, you may have to google up a few things. But it will be worth the effort. And come back to this blog throughout the week. In the meantime maybe one of the unsuspended ones at will bring it to that board for consideration as this needs wide vetting.
In a blog of Circa October 5, Wade Burleson has come across the writings of Mark Noll as he makes his case against the powers in the Southern Baptist Convention for Burleson's take on women, particularly his defense of Sherri Klouda, fired by Karl Rove's extended friend in the Land network, Paige Patterson; a friend of the Council for National Policy and Arlington Group.
Google up Wade Burleson's Blog.
Conflate that blog with of last week on the Baptist World Alliance and his earlier one on Campbell Divinity School and the conservative spectrum.
I don't know if Patterson, Pressler; Mohler and Land's Berlin Wall of Fundamentalism and Exclusivity in the SBC Takeover morass is beginning to crumble or not. I do think Frank Page is gonna be an even more tortured man in the remaining days of his SBC Presidency as Ronnie Floyd is always outside the kitchen door.
If Page follows Burleson and with an open heart begins to entertain Mark Noll and his theology of "the Right Reverends Robert E Lee and William Tecumseh Sherman"--see Burleson blog; then who knows where this is going.
The computer I am on today is tricky, so I'm not able to provide the links I would like. But also look for the article on Noll couple years ago.
Conflate all this with the sterling interview of Mike Huckabee last night on
Scroll down to the section on Conservative Values where Huckabee engages the notion of putting the GOP on notice on abortion.

When David Gushee gets in the act to prick Burleson's conscience even further on the POLITICS of Abortion as Land has used it to further Rovism in the United States; then we may be in for a semi sea change in all.
Counting on Uncle Prentice to show his Here I
Stand Martin Luther Flag at the Robeson County Assoiciational Meeting later this month to further the cause of Mark Olson, if that ever was what he was all about to begin with.

Check in next week.

And by God's grace here is an Exquisite Link. If you don't read the whole thing in first sitting, do scroll down to the third to last paragraph before the NOTES; for the great scripture on Emily, Abe and Walt, that caught my eye as glory three years ago when I was trying to help David Flick and Billy Thornton see the light at

"Certainly, the evangelical juggernaut was working too well for a few souls who, if they could not give up God or if God had not given them up, still wondered if the progressive, energetic, can-do God of the Protestant evangelicals was adequate for the complexities of the universe or the turmoils of their own souls. So Dickinson, Melville, and supremely Lincoln may have been pushed by the successes of "American Christianity" into post-Protestant, even post-Christian, theism. The tragedy of these individuals was that—to be faithful to the God they found in their own hearts, in the Bible, or in the sweep of events—they considered it necessary to hold themselves aloof from the organized Christianity of the United States. (What is particularly striking in such individuals is a loss of contact with Jesus Christ.) "

Preach brother Noll, and may God move the heart of Frank Page to confess in his heart L.D. Johnson along with Stewart Newman, Lincoln, Dickinson and Whitman were right all the time.
As Stewart Newman said in Columbia South Carolina in the face of the fundamentalist juggernaut that day: "W. A. Criswell does not speak for me."

Likewise Wade Burleson and Ben Cole are finding out that Paige Patterson does not speak for them. God Bless them; a little late, but God Bless Them.


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