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Friday, October 05, 2007

Definitive Article on the Jena 6 from Anniston Star/Nifong

Editor of the Anniston Star H Brandt Ayers mighta done the definitive piece on the Jena 6 with his family owned hometown paper Sunday, Sept 30. If not the definitive piece, with Leonard Pitts column originally in Miami Herald--easily googled up--Ayers set the boundaries of wise and virtuous discussion on the matter.
All who see this should click on the link below to see how Ayers got to his final paragraph, as he tells a bit of Anniston Civil Rights history completely distinct from the famous Bus Burning that was news to me

"We have had healers like Burke Marshall, and we have had white demagogues like our own George Wallace. Now we have a black demagogue, Jesse Jackson. What little Jena needs, what we all need, is more healers."

And an aside:
I have seen in other venues, where some folk want to get righteous at the expense of what is becoming clearer were serious mistakes by Nifong and the city of Durham in the Duke LaCrosse case.
Hal Crowther has spoken, and to my knowledge we have yet to see Willimon weigh in. There was more than enough sin to go around there in the home of

In the land of "entitlement" just who gets to judge the axis of evil, that in my own family history I have come to know is here and there and everywhere.
Tim Tyson comes closest to explaining the peculiar the nature of the sin of preacher families; and there may be something to learn from the experience of the Loray Mills in Gastonia, but that might be a reach.


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