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Monday, January 14, 2008

FoxOBama Overwhelmed by This Political Moment

I'm not trying to be cute by a reference to a comment that invokes the F Word; it is just a part of one of the 250 odd comments On Moyer's Journal site from his interview with Shelby Steele on Obama Friday Night.

From Moyers Comments:
I have ancestry on five continents but my BA from UCLA and the fact that I can speak with King's English does not mean that I'm somehow putting on a "mask" over the real me when I speak Ebonics with my brother, Pidgin English with my dad, French with my uncle, or Spanish with my nephew.
If Obama wants to use his ability to operate from any number of cultural milieus to better relate to his audiences, then it is his prerogative as a politician, he'd be foolish if he didn't, and i think it's just plain inspiring. At the very least, he should be able to do so without being called some sort of tricky shapeshifter who has "given up his blackness" on Bill Moyers Jounal! I'm sorry but f*** that! This is just too backwards for anything less.

Back to Fox
And detractors of this blog, my apologies cause from hereon it is links; many of which are my thoughts at another venue so I may have some salvation in that.

Much as I hate to say it, today at least I give George Will the final word from a column Dec 30

So far, Obama is the Fred Astaire of politics -- graceful and elegant, with a surface so pleasing to the eye that it seems mistaken, even greedy, to demand depth. No one, however, would have given Astaire control of nuclear weapons, so attention must be paid to Obama's political as well as aesthetic qualities.
Steele notes that Obama "seems to have little talent for anger." But that is because Obama has opted out of the transaction Steele vigorously deplores. The political implications of this transcendence of confining categories are many, profound and encouraging.

But a lot has happenned since Dec 30 and that is taken up in the links below;
If you are at all fascinated by the esoterics of this political moment do click on the link to today's TNR analysis of Clinton and Obama, LBJ and King.
With this magic link you can not only read a hearty discussion from but also link Hillary's chat with Tim Russert yesterday morning:

And the whole thing can be read at:
Stephen Fox

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The Definitive Statement
by Stephen Fox on Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:37 pm
It is up at Today's website: I could think as well as I was thinking just a couple years ago and I would read Wilentz's book

And a final note to respond to Ryan Hale and a check to see if he read this post.
About your comment in my previous blog you over the last three years feel like giving into cynicism; at some point later we will take up H Brandt Ayers wisdom about the Alabama Legislature several years ago in the wake of Civil Rights; and hopefully can conflate that in some way with lessons learned from Ga.'s last attorney Gen's Race, political contest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

by Stephen Fox on Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:49 pm

even with Meet the Press in The Bucket, you misrepresent what Bill was saying.
Bill was talking about Obama's version of Obama's history in the Senate over Iraq votes; calling that a Fairy Tale; not Obama's personal history.
The context of the matter, just like immigration politics, makes all the difference in the world.
The Birch Society and its methodology took a setback with the passing of WA Criswell.
Me and the Ware Brothers know that; Bill Moyers and Governor Richards.
Let's take the High Road with them

What's wrong with this Prentiss person-Why can't he understand what our illustrious former president said?It sounds like to me that he has a problem with Democrats as a whole and doesn't want to hear anything that they have to say-The truth hurts doesn't it Prentiss?Hopefully Prentiss will enlighten himself and read the brilliant reprint of the Russert/Clinton interview that you so graciously posted on

12:04 PM  
Blogger That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Fox: Got it. But if you want to go over some Down Home politics, you need to sit down with me over a Schroeder's Hogie Carmichael while I detail the latest of our illustrious elected Butt head's in & around Dallas, GA.

BTW, have you seen HR 888? It reads like a David Barton press release.

How very, very sad.

8:26 PM  

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