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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Me and Obama's Preacher; How about you in Atlanta for Jesus

It seems to be Tailor made for those who are proud of their children and the examined religious beliefs that come from Baylor, UVA, Duke, Yale Div, Samford, even a few good courses at JSU, Bama, Samford and War Eagle.
It will test whether folks are sincere in the whole gospel and the nit and grit of immigration reform.
Will those who made it down to the Olympics or to see the Atlanta Braves have a conviction to see what is happening in the world of John Grisham, Lindsey Graham, Miguel De La Torre and Daniel Carro;
Or will they stay safe in Zion fearing what dogma voters can do to hurt them in their various congregations and political safety zones.
A Surprise to me talking to a woman yesterday, a good woman and I thought that before I learned of her political disposition; a woman member of a very active and conservative church in the region who declared her allegiance to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Which Proves I don't know everything.
The Testimony of Ryan Hale in the comment thread of the blog below, his Pilgrimage out of the dead end of Baptist fundamentalism is educational for others.

Here are great links embedded to the poweful preaching lineup; if you click at the right places you will find the OBama Connection.
Otis Moss Third has some strong credentials, including Jesus Christ in his Resume:

Re: Obama's Sermon At Ebenezer Baptist Church
by Big Daddy Weaver on Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:42 pm
If the video of the service is posted online - I'll provide the link.For all you who from time to time play Six Degrees of Separation, I discovered in my online research for the upcoming Celebration that I can connect Barack Obama to the New Baptist Covenant in Three Steps! Someone call Roger Moran!The "Pastor" (Jeremiah Wright is listed as Senior Pastor) of Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama is a member is the Rev. Otis Moss III.Obama's Pastor is the Son of the Rev. Otis Moss Jr.. The Rev. Otis Moss Jr. will be preaching at the New Baptist Covenant on Thursday during the 2-5pm slot. I blogged about Otis Moss Jr. here. "Patterson's minions are putting on their war paint, digging the trenches and preparing for guerilla warfare…. - ME in ABP

Mike Mitchell had an oped in recent Ft. Payne Times-journal.
What other lay people will accept his Invitation to Atlanta.
Feel free to come forward, identify yourself and post here if you join These Friends of Habitat for Humanity and Justice Work:
Status Quo, or On the Go; Make your choice

Mike Mitchell:

Whhops; that is not a bad link either, but this may be a little better:

Mitchell from the AlabamaCBF online newsletter.

FORT PAYNE - Mike Mitchell, pastor of Gault Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Payne, took his enthusiasm for the New Baptist Covenant Celebration to a new level when he published an editorial in the local paper, the Fort Payne Times Journal. It’s all about unity, Mitchell says, and what we can accomplish together. In the editorial, Mike discusses Christian unity and the difficulty in achieving it. “Denominations are the result of our failure to follow Christ’s teachings on unity of spirit for the world’s sake,” stated Mitchell. “Instead we go our separate ways and achieve few of Jesus’ goals for the church.”Citing that there is also little agreement within denominations, he sets the tone for what the New Baptist Covenant hopes to attain in Baptist life, celebrating the common commitments to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mitchell quotes David Goatley, executive secretary-treasurer of the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention and president of the North American Baptist Fellowship, who said:“The New Baptist Covenant is a collaboration of Baptist communities to celebrate our common commitments to the gospel of Jesus Christ. One major impact will be that we seek to cooperate around ministries of compassion and capacity-building among the poor. We will share in worship. We will share in fellowship. We will share in networking to create information and communication opportunities to nurture new synergies among Baptists who are actively working to build a better world through the Christian witness.”


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