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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My historic vote in NE Bama for Obama

I voted in Collinville, Alabama this morning about 7:40 CDT for Barack Obama.
I was number 67.
Collinsville is the most ethnically diverse town in the state, or was when the Center for Public Television of the Univ of Alabama in Tuscaloosa did a documentary on the town shown statewide in 2003.
I think Obama may get as much as 49% of the vote there, where my MOther's family goes back to the 1850's and where she was baptized and where my Grandfather Jordan ran as a Lincoln Republican for Dekalb County School board Superintendent in the 19 teens.

I was proud of the poll workers. They were all quite gracious. I did ask one clarifying question about straight ticket voting. Some states do not count the Presidential vote in a straight ballot, but after some discussion the poll workers including the Pastor of Collinsville Baptist Church who received his Doctoral of Ministry from The fundamentalist President of Southern Seminary. an edit; after that discussion there was consensus with substantiation a straight ticket vote in Alabama is a vote for the candidate for President of whichever Party is chosen.
His son, a Yale Div grad has been passionately campaigning for Obama in NYC.
All were gracious, including three of Collinsville's millionaires who I am convinced voted McCain.
Had good chat with one who is one first name basis with about every politician of any status in the state.
On Sunday had interesting conversation with a grandchild of former GOP US Senator from Alabama. The person said her Dad was voting for McCain and her Mom for Obama.

In my mind this vote is not about race, it is about the candidate who brings the most promising qualities to this moment in our nation's history. For me that is a no brainer; It is Barack Obama.
I encourage all of you even post election who haven't done so yet, to see the PBS Frontline Profile of both candidates; fascinating indeed as they have been for the last 20 odd years now.
That said, I publicly and with a great deal of affection congratulate in particular two black friends from Gaffney High School, where we were the of the first nationally integrated classes.
To Johnny Dawkins, who is an Emmy award winning Screen Play writer; and to Fletcher Smith, 16 year SC State Senator who earlier this year in the heat of this year was called by Barack Obama on his cell phone, on Fletcher's way to have a one on one 20 minute conversation with Hillary Clinton in Columbia; to Fletcher and Johnny I extend my joy and celebration with you for what looks like will be the Phenomenal outcome of this 2008 Presidential election.

To paraphrase and Revise Jeremiah Wright:

Not God Damn America
But God Bless America.

And with apologies to my strict Separationist Church State friends in the Baptist Tradition; on this Day at Least, IT is Indeed In the Bible; or for sure in The Bank, as it were, In North Carolina.

Let's Have a Year of Jubilee in America, like the Soldier in Glory


Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

Amen, Brother! Let us hope and pray that it will be an historic day and era for this country. We must give this man a chance to lead us in his quiet, yet strong way and see if he can lead us back to a position of leadership in the world and to a better place here at home.

2:15 PM  
Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

hopefully you will enjoy my hopeful visual blog on the election.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro. Fox-
You should be pleased to know that I spent time with Charles Marsh on the UVA campus last week.
That interview will appear in the Dec. issue of Baptists Today.

5:27 AM  

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