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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

George Wallace's Daughter and Lee Atwater

Following is a link to a discussion I have started at

If you click on the title, many other links will appear where you can read Wallace's Daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy's endorsement of Obama's Presidency. It was published in Bham News Sunday as well.
It is remarkable indeed, of Biblical proportions, sweeping in its historical testimony.

Of equal significance worth your time is David Remnick in current New Yorker on Obama and race. Strong testimony near the end by a Katrina survivor, as well as statement by Charlayne Hunter Gault, the first black woman to integrate the University of Georgia in 1961.
She is 66 years old now.
And new twists on the torment of John Lewis leaving the Clinton camp to join the Obama camp during the Dem Primary this year.

Remnick places much significance on Obama's speech in Selma Bloody Sunday of March 2007. I was set to go but the car wouldn't start. My bad luck. I coulda been there, but the gods did not smile on me that day. I'm glad they smiled on our country nevertheless.

George Wallace's Daughter and Lee Atwater
by Stephen Fox on Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:30 am

Also here is the link to the Lee Atwater documentary shown last night on PBS nationally.


Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

The Gringrich, Atwater, Rove politic has mainly run its course (but the Palin camp will keep it alive until the reasoned voices in GOP finally prevail), but the impact of such will be with us for some time, especially given its practice by Bush. Obama cannot take and does not have the time to invest resources into all the Bush acts of criminality, due to the economic implosion of this and other countries, but for the sake of democracy and rule of law, he needs to follow up on some issues, one being torture. This one issue and the tentacles associated with it are a poison to this nation and its standing in the world. Even if no one is prosecuted, at the very least, this issue needs to be brought out of the shadows and studied so as to prevent any future administration from engaging in such acts of inhumanity. Surely an incoming POTUS will protect an outgoing POTUS to a good extent, given they, too, will eventually be an outgoing POTUS, but the office will have less impact (yeah even an Obama administration) around the world and in the US (read more internal and external instability) if this issue is left unattended.

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