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Friday, November 21, 2008

Martha White Self Risin Flower

Serendipitously I caught NPR Fresh Air today. A repeat show of a Terry Gross 2003 interview of Earl Scruggs of Flatt and Scruggs.

Great show I hope most of yall will listen to online. Got a kidney doctor acquaintance friend West of the Mississippi who with his two brothers and their counselor friend Steve of the extended family are fan of all things Grand Ol Opry. So to them and my Great Grandmother Helton and Waymon and that extended branch I celebrate this link.
Gross had never heard the Martha White ditty before and got Scruggs to sing it for her. The duo also had played Dawson Gap or Geraldine, Alabama and I have discussed them there.
With this once removed connection to Flatt and Scruggs, that brings to three luminaries I know personally who have been on Fresh Air.

Brett Morgen
Charles Kimball
Randall Balmer

I got a feelin Gross may interview Ron Rash by end of 2009 so that would bring me up to 4.

On this fine day had a short conversation with some Collinsville politicos about what coulda been with the fundraisin of the Collinsville Public Library.
They raised a parable of Jesus and I raised another one, all in good humor; and we'll let it stay at that for today.

Link of the day:

And Dr. Killian's link


Blogger John Killian said...

The Martha White Flour song has also been recorded by modern bluegrass diva Rhonda Vincent, who will be performing in Trinity, AL on Saturday, May 9, 2009.

12:52 PM  
Blogger John Killian said...

Here is a shorter version of Rhonda Vincent singing the Martha White Flour song.

12:54 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Dr. Killian:

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It raises my street cred as I can boast of responses from Randall Balmer of Columbia, Yale and Dartmouth and John Killian of Maytown; not to mention extended friends of Todd Heifner.

I have posted your link in the body of my Martha White text so my blogging audience will find it just a click away.

While here did you see my thoughts on the Lee Atwater documentary???

1:08 PM  
Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

I had the privilege of seeing Flatt and Scruggs at the old Blair Theater in Blairsville, GA in the mid-60's. They did the Martha White song during concert. After the breakup with Flatt, I saw Earl with his sons while I was in college at Georgia Southern. They were performing then as the Earl Scruggs Revue. He is the best there is on the five string and a great guitar player as well. Of course, when you invent the style, who is going to be better? His picking is crisp and clear. You can easily recognize it. I heard a great story about Earl performing with the great Doc Watson at Merlefest. Both aren't young anymore and Doc asked Earl, "what key are we gonna play this (next song) in?" Earl answered, "yep."

1:37 PM  

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