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Monday, March 08, 2010

Ron Rash's star rises even Further

Rash was the feature in the book pages of the NY Times yesterday, day of the Oscars.
I have talked to him on several occasions; and it's the closest I'll get to talkin to Abraham Lincoln.
Rash is a supernal one. I wish my Grandmother Fox coulda stayed with us long enough to read his stories.
Woulda been grand to share and discuss his tales with Uncle Edgar and Uncle Fremont and Papa as they ring true from their stories in Conasauga Tn and Walden's Creek; which for Rash is Wautauga and Madison County NC and surroundings, his Yoknatawpha (sp) County.
He is in the Netherlands in the next few days; and in April he goes to France where his One Foot in Eden is in third printing in French.
They love him there, like they loved Faulkner and justifiably so.
I hope GMM who checks my blog often makes sure the library system in North Georgia and Clay County just across the line is flooded with his work, just as it should NE, Alabama.
In one of his novels a character says to another: Smarts like yours just didn't spring up like a Daisy in a bunch of hogweed. And the more you know about Rash and where he came from, the molding of his character and literary gifts you'll see the same is true of him.
I am proud of in Dekalb County, Alabama for having him read for a day couple years ago as now the whole world is taking notice.
And it should.

PS. Be sure you see what gets said about Wesley Davidson. I know what he is talking about and some of you do too.


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