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Monday, March 12, 2012

Casey Mattox, the ADF and the Girl Scouts

Here is a letter from the Bham News Of March 9, a Friday. Casey Mattox and the Allied Defense Fund are out to lunch, and Mr. Lowther who had a piece in Viewpoints of Bham News Sunday where he felt compelled to demonstrate his Southern Baptist Credentials and connect President Obama to Jeremiah Wright once again, and Martha Barksdale who I am convinced with the late Mary Katherine Reed need to take Casey to the woodshed need to have a conversation.
More about Mr. Lowther later.
In the meantime Casey and the Girl Scouts as seen by a Ms. Rice from Vestavia Hills:

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was a very young, professional woman serving in executive positions. Even at the top ranks of state government, I often was asked to take notes or serve coffee (those were the minor insults). I didn't refuse in indignation or go out and burn my bra; but, I sure as heck cared enough to pour my heart and soul into critical performance, with respect being the consequence. Proud women at all levels and all walks of life strove for recognition of women's abilities.

Within the past few months, women have increasingly been denigrated by conservative male legislators at state and national levels. Examples of proposed legislation:

-- Allow all insurers to refuse to cover contraceptives (after all, an aspirin between the knees is adequate birth control).

-- Disallow most prenatal screening; such medical information will make women end their pregnancies.

-- recognize that single parents are contributing factors to child abuse and neglect.

-- Refuse to celebrate the anniversary of the Girl Scouts; these girls are the sexualized pawns of Planned Parenthood.

-- A woman made pregnant by brutal rape, incestuous or otherwise, must have that baby.

The list goes on. Do not for one minute believe these are issues of religious rights or religiosity. These are arrogant displays of the conviction that women are simply incapable of morality or making sound decisions about their health or reproduction.

Mary Lee Rice

Vestavia Hills


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