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Friday, October 19, 2012

Billy Graham and Strom Thurmond; Corrosion and Cynicism

   Well Friends, as of today I am facebook friends with two Duke Proffs; and I have called S.C. US Senator Lindsey Graham's office twice this week and have attempted to prick the conscience of Bama Tide Coach Nick Saban's wife on the Tuscaloosa News Facebook page re the immigration exchange in Weds night's debate; not to mention a staffer at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, N.C. promise to me she would bring this to the attention of Franklin.
    So I guess its put up or shut up time.

     Two days ago I read the New Republic review of Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America. See Blog Below. And I have gotten wind of the rumor Billy Graham has subtly endorsed Gov Romney for President.
      That troubles me. The TNR review says Strom's legacy for American politics is "cynicism."
       Two weeks ago in a raucous Meet The Press, NBC's Chuck Todd talked about the "corrosive" nature of this political moment.
       I have been a fan of my fellow Furman grad Marshall Frady since I read his bio of Billy Graham in 79. With STeven Miller's recent analysis of Graham, with a focus on Alabama in the 60's, I modified my concerns with Graham somewhat.
    But this "subtle" endorsement of Romney raises the old haunts of Billy's missteps that included not only his naivete about Nixon, but his malicious endorsement of Jerry Vines for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention in 85; and his "playful" nod to George W. Bush in Florida in 2000.
     And now Franklin plays to the right of Jesse Helms.

     Billy had some grand moments as Steven Miller plays. But this history with Strom who begat Harry Dent who begat Lee Atwater who begat Karl Rove who now muddles the thinking of Lindsey Graham continues to disturb me.

     I will come back to this. For you initiates take a strong look at Steven Miller's work; and read the TNR review of Thurmond.

    As I told a staffer for Senator Graham Monday; the Senator shares legend in Seneca, S.C. with Martin England. Martin England, a co founder of Koinonia Farms had an "appetite for justice."
     Franklin needs to shape up a little, and Senator Graham could follow the dots I left on his Facebook page Wedsnesday with some conversations with the Project for Lived Theology in Charlottesville, Va.
      With that in mind, we can bring more to the table when we bring Coach Saban's wife into the conversation about what Kris Kobach and SBC Deacon Gov Bentley have done to my Hispanic Friends here in Alabama


Blogger foxofbama said... makes Franklin Graham out to be the culprit in the Romney endorsement. Very much worth googling up. Even son Franklin has a lot of explainin to do for this bug that seems to run in the family.

1:16 PM  

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