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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tea Party against Itself in Bama Sept 18

Not sure what to make of this one but it is interesting. Bama's Deacon Gov Bentley raiding the Trust Funds to keep Bama going against the wishes of his primary opponent Bradley Byrne and as I understand it my friend the 2nd VP of the Bama SBC John Killian; not to mention Uncle Prentice lifelong Friend Mary Anne Cole of the Ft Payne Tea Party. Her Uncle was a past president of Jax St. University.
    And it has the Deekalb county state delegation in a dither, with the North part of the County republican voting no with Byrne and Cole, and the South voting yes with their Delegation and the interests just north of Collinsville that that have a big sign in front of the place in red white and blue and are the 2nd largest employers in the region.
   Whether expenses to see U Bama win the National Championship this past January in New Orleans are part of the discussion I don't know.
   But former CHS Principal West son Bennie is runnin for Circuit Clerk and He don't know what to do. Had an interesting conversation with him and two of his friends from First Baptist Ft Payne Saturday right during the Murray Tiebreaker.

   The Woman in the group thought President Obama was a Muslim, but she seems to be in the Majority around here as several Baptist preachers just don't think or believe it; They "KNOW" it.

   So these are confusing times with the Tea Party in Bama analogous to Fleming Rutledge great Sermon at Duke at Mtn Brook Episcopal: The Enemy Lines are Hard To Find.

    I don't want to come across as a smart ass but it may be Jeremiah Wright has a prophetic word for Bama Sept 18 moment: The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost. Just like they are in my front yard.
    The late Tom Corts and the best lights in Bama in the 90's and early oughts were pushing for Constitutional Reform but the locals were laughin at these Noahs as they were trying to build the Ark for Bama.
   Now here we are raiding the Trust Fund, and the GOD is on OUr Side Tea Partiers are shootin at each other.
    I'm sure Mary Anne Cole and Eunie Smith have the riddle solved and are gonna tell the rest of us when Judge Roy Moore comes to the Park in Ft. Payne in October. I hope he brings a copy of Bishop Willimon's book with him. Maybe he will say something about Jackson Giles.


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