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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bama Soccer Defeats Tea Party

   Saturday May 11 My Momma's hometown of Collinsville Alabama defeated the Tea Party, the Heritage Foundation of Jim Demint and Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Eunie Smith, Kris Kobach and the 8 senators National Journal recently named hellbent on sabotaging immigration reform. At same time the Panthers all Hispanic 1-A History making team made a strong case for the Dream Act.
    Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a card carrying practicing United Methodist, and S.C. Tim Scott of the Tea Party and Chic Fil a were placed on their back heels.

    Read this link if you were asleep over the weekend.

     Fellow with the Heritage Institute is about the same place as Jesse Helms Pioneer club was back in the 70's when they questioned the intelligence of black people. Jesse Helms shoulda lost to Harvey Gannt in 84, but he didn't.

     Collinsville Panthers have these grand American kids from El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and China to prove the Tea Party pathetic.

       Edgar Padilla. He will go to Huntingdon College this fall as a pre med student. In El Salvador his father saw Oscar Romero in the flesh. Oscar Romero in on the Justice Porch of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.  with ML King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.  I doubt we ever see a bust of Sessions, Kobach, Albert Lee Smith or Jim Demint and Tim Scott there.

     Luis Segura. Number one in his 2013 class at Collinsville HS this year.

     His cousin Jorge Segura, likely the star of the team though Adam Morales had a semifinal game from Heaven to get the Panthers to the finals. Ask Trinka Gorham Payton of Auburn University and the Liberty Baptist Church Vacaction Bible School. She will testify and Jorge's character.

     David Hernandez. His older brother was the first Hispanic male to graduate from Collinsville HS and his middle brother Phil was looked at by Georgia Tech as a field goal kicker. His sister Yuli has more intelligence, grace and integrity than 3/4ths of the sorority girls of the University of Alabama I have met.

    Octavio Cheng. Reads English, Spanish and Chinese. Aptitude tests through the roof. Likely candidate for Ga Tech or Vanderbilt when he becomes a Senior. My alma mater, Furman, where World Cupper Clint Dempsey played, already knows about Octavio. It is Furman's loss if Octavio chooses to go elsewhere. His first cousin from Raleigh N.C. enters Furman this fall.

     Dr. Scott Argo, blonde Caucasian white boy is also a grad of Collinsville HS, class of 98, Brooke Shepard's class. He had a great inspiring quote on Coach Miller's facebook wall I will share.

     Bring the Tea Party to Collinsville. Either they will be converted to the Dream Act or they will go down 59 to the Bham airport in shame.

   Quoting Dr. Scott Argo from Coach Julie Wehby Miller's Wall:  In the middle of doing great things, No one understands the things they are doing are great!!!


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