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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Lottie Moon, Chic Fil A and Immigration Reform

  Jim Demint of the Redeemer Presbyterian PCA church in Greenville SC and the Heritage Foundation and the Tea Party that made Trey Gowdy famous was on NPR this morning in an interview. See the link at the end of this blog.
   Tomorrow Demint will be in Mobile Al most likely with Jeff Sessions of the 8 Senators most likely to sabotage immigration reform according to the National Journal.
    Demint, many conservatives are saying is traffickin bogus numbers. For sure he doesn't know much about the great Americans on the Collinsville Soccer team about to be threepeating in the Bama Semis Championship series.
     Demint may be unwittingly reincarnating the Brown shirt church Bonhoeffer resisted in Germany. Even Chic Fil aleadership which held a day long simultaneious broadcast in the homechurch of recent North Bama Bishop Willimon, Buncombe Road in Greenville, differs with Demint, Trey Gowdy, SC Senator Tim Scott on immigration reform.
    Dan Cathy and CFA endorsed The Dream Act as a path to citizenship in 2006. All this leaves Demint not much more than the Chaplain of the Upstate posse comitatus of Mark Powell's novel The Dark Corner. And it is a dark dimwitted corner for sure.
   Where it leaves S.C Gov Haley's nominee to the board of PBS, Brent Nelsen I'm not sure. We do think Nelsen was a founding member of Redeemer Prez with Demint. Bob Inglis I think was networked to the church but he fell out of favor with Demint.

     Trey Gowdy's recent fellow church Member at FBC Spartanburg was Harry Dent's daughter, Ginny was a trustte of the SBC IMB (missions board) about the time Dan Cathy's sister was wife of the VP there. Sister and VP are former missionaries to Latin America's Brazil.

     So how is Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, Demint and Sessions gonna go down with Lottie Moon. What is the Baptist witness in South America if Billy Graham's home church is silent when this little sewing circle of Pharoahs is hell bent on sabotaging Immigration Reform.

      How do you say in Collinsvlle Alabama stay silent about this foggy SBC leadership and witness when you invite Hispanics to Vacation Bible School for 15 years, tell them about Jesus and then all of a sudden wallah Jim Demint produces this Report that they cost two much to be first order Christians in America, Their citizenship is in purgatory till the Koch brothers get through with the wedge issue.

    Willimon said The Bama Law, the Demint motif reminded him of the fugitive Slave Law. What is first Baptist Spartanburg and The WMU on 280 national headquarters reminded of; and when are they gonna have a prayer meeting with Dan Cathy and Ginny Brant, Willimon and Sessions and get some of these matters resolved before the Justice porch of the National Cathedral in Wash DC with Oscar Romero, Martin and Rosa comes crashing down on their Tea Party Head?

Demint's interview this morning on NPR Morning edition is easy google. He is asked about Haley Barbour and Cato Inst reservations about his numbers.


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