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Friday, July 12, 2013

Faith, Trey Gowdy and Immigration Reform

     Trey Gowdy is subject of a feature in July 11 Bloomberg Report on Immigration Reform. He is opening up a conversation on the Dream Act, saying there are distinctions in the immigrant populations he wants to focus on in House Deliberations.

    That is good news for the Collinsville Soccer Team as reportedly half of them are undocumented. And Gowdy had distinguished himself from Bama Tea Party US Rep Mo Brooks of Huntsville.
   I had an exchange with his staffer Miriam of Daphne yesterday after hearing Brooks on NPR Here and Now. Miriam said I understood Brooks correctly that his position is send the undocumenteds back to their country of origin now.
     Gowdy is a member of the FBC Spartanburg S.C. with Billy Graham. According to Miriam of the Jewish persuasion, Mr Brooks has not faith, in unaffiliatied with any religious community or denomination. For right now score one for faith.

      After several conversations with interns and staff in Gowdy's D.C. Office including his chief of staff Matt Van Patton of Greer, S.C.; Gowdy is behind the curve on his appeal of Fox News Sunday two weeks ago. I will give Gowdy benefit of the doubt for the time being, but grand advice and counsel is no further than Greenville native Will Willimon, recent Bishop of UMC of North Alabama; longterm Wofford Trustee.

    And I have no report Gowdy has been in consultation with the Poage Library of his alma mater, Baylor on this matter, nor Anne Graham Lotz brother in law Denton, for that matter. Anne is Billy's Daughter.

    And I have talked to Page of Chic Fil A Cares. Reminded her I sat near Dan CAthy in Bob Crapps religion class the fall of 71 at Furman. In 2006 Cathy and Chic Fil a were for the Dream Act. In the presence of Lotz and Willimon and Robert Parham of, Gowdy and Cathy need to talk, the sooner the better.

    Come back as this blog is a work in progress.

    Here are some key links for background. And do take a look at earlier background material at public policy to show the evolution of my concern about Gowdy and FBC Spartanburg over the last several months on this matter.
    Gowdy in Bloomberg:

    Willimon and Parham on Bama Immigration bill:

And very proud of Suzii Paynter of the CBF and her participation in the immigration conference with President Bush in Dallas, Wednesday. Had brief chat with Ms. Paynter this morning. She emphasized Mr. Moore's presentation in Dallas whose gist was recent piece in the Wall St. Journal


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