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Friday, May 24, 2013

Jorge Avila Segura's letter to Baptist Deacon Bama Gov Bentley

   This is a sermon for Trey Gowdy and Ok Tea Party Baptist Congressman James Lankford as the US House considers the Dream Act and Immigration Reform.
   It is a work in progress. I am not an ordained minister but my Daddy Was. And I have some preparation including a read of the sermons of Fleming Rutledge, the collected sermons of the Duke Chapel, Diarmaid McCulloch's History of Christianity, and experiences in Gaffney, S.C. which are the Now Testament in addition to the Old and the New I asked Billy Bob Thornton about in my Question in Florence, Alabame seven years ago.

     So here is my text Romans 11:13 which says or at least I hope it do: God has consigned us all to Unrighteousness so that he might have mercy on us all.  Amen

    Last night I attended the 2013 commencement of the Collinsville HS. My Mother graduated there in 1940 and was baptized in the local Baptist Church about 4 years earlier. My Grandfather born in 1881 ran as a Lincoln Republican for school board superintendent in the 19 teens.

    Last night the salutatorian Jorge Avila Segura announced he is undocumented. His story should be the subject of a Ft Payne story tomorrow May 25.

   Jorge talked a good deal about his friend Jesus and how that faith helped him to this year's state soccer championship and his high rank in his class.

   Last night Collinsville became the Selma for the Dream Act and Immigration reform in the United STates. Has Segura hit a brick wall since he was three years old when his family came to America invited for their cheap labor.

    Or are there enough Judge Frank Johnson's in the US House to go with Dan Cathy of Chic Fil A to give the Dream Act to Segura and countless others who have earned it by their citizenship and scholarship in America's Public School system.

   The Pulitzer prize winning author Taylor Branch said a day outside Selma a reporter saddled up to an old man and asked do you really think you will win anything when you get to Montgomery.

   The Old anonymous black man said: " We Won When we Started Walking."

   The class of 2013 of Collinsville HS, all 64 of them started walking last night. It's time for Gov Bentley, Speaker Hubbard, Kris Kobach, Trey Gowdy and James Lankford and Senator Jeff Sessions to get out of their Way.


    Below is Jorge Segura's letter to Gov Bentley.

ar Governor Bentley,
My name is Jorge Segura. I am from Collinsville, AL. I am a senior at Collinville H.S. I am not sure if you will even read my email or respond, but I will be very grateful if you took your time to. I arrived to this country illegally, and before Deferred Action was passed, I thought I was done after high school. The fact that I was very limited in this state and nation did not stop me from working hard and it did not stop me from dreaming. We all have dreams, Mr. Governor. As I grew older, those dreams began to become nightmares of stress and hopelessness. My dream has always to attend college and play soccer at the college level. I gave my life to the Lord two years ago, and my life has never been the same. God gave me hope. He gave me the strength to work and give it my all. It is crazy how God continues to bless us even though we know we are failing to do good and we continue to do bad. Crazy how Jesus knew we would turn away from Him, and knowing that we would He still suffered and died for us. I do not know if God was behind Deferred Action or not, but I do know that My family was not the only one praying for something like that to happen. Families all over the nations have been praying for this. Deferred Action has opened doors for a multitudinous amount of students and graduates all over the nation. I am aware of how things are going here, and this email is not to complain about the government in Alabama. At this point you are wondering what is the point of my email. My school has won only ONE state championship. They won it in the early 70's in 1A basketball. This past weekend our soccer team won the first state championship in our program's history and the second in school history.Our team is consisted of Hispanics. Three of our seniors are members of the Beta Club. One of our seniors is our class of 2013 Salutatorian, and I am the class of 2013 Salutatorian. Our goalkeeper is ranked four in our class. I am not emailing to brag, I am emailing in hope of your opening your heart to the millions of immigrants in our nation and state. Yes, I am aware that there are immigrants that come here to be criminals and not obey the laws, but like our team, there are people who are willing to work hard and achieve great things if given the opportunity. Like in school, there are kids who go and do nothing, but there are kids who go and have a desire to learn, just because those students who do nothing, but cause trouble, are you going to close the doors, schools and opportunities for everybody? I do not think that is fair. I am not asking you to change your heart, but to open it. Only God can change your heart. I was taught the pledge of allegiance in the Kindergarten, and I will never forget it. As I grew older, there was a line that stood out the most, "One nation, under God. ." If we are not going to take that seriously, then we must take it off. I am sending this email with all the respect, sir. Thank you and God bless you and your family.


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