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Monday, July 01, 2013

Trey Gowdy, Faith and Immigration Reform

   I grew up in Gaffney, S.C. about 20 miles East of Spartanburg where US Rep Trey Gowdy is now a member of the First Baptist Church. It's the church where Billy Graham's membership is now and until not too long ago Harry Dent's Daughter Ginny Brant of Ginnybrantdotcom. Ginny is Harry Dent's Daughter; Harry, Nixon's Southern Strategist.

   Yesterday on Fox News Sunday Gowdy said he embraces the Faith Community's input into Immigration Reform; even going so far as to suggest he may be open to the Dream Act saying undocumenteds who have been here since 6th grade or so should have different status in the path to citizenship than others.
    If not a trick move, not a feint for a poison pill, I think Gowdy is on to something. Half the soccer team in Collinsville, Al who just a month ago won the state championship, through their discipline and scholarship I think have already earned their citizenship in this country, no further questions asked.

   Cause you see, the Billy Graham as examined by Steven Miller in his book on Graham and Nixon shoulda learned about justice by now.

    I'm concerned Tea Party Gowdy is a little late coming around on faith and immigration. Nearby Wofford College grad, longterm trustee Will Willimon two years ago was focus of an easily googled piece "Willimon Repents" at about his experience in Alabama with Immigration policy.

   FBC Greenville, S.C. spotlights on the homepage of their online site. The Home church of Billy Graham should've should've sponsored their immigration documentary for community conversation three years ago; that is if Gowdy is serious about Faith and Justice and Integrity in the conversation.
    Gowdy is a graduate of Baylor where George W. Truett's influence is big. The Poage Library there has the Tea Party Displaced Chet Edwards as visitting lecturer. Have Gowdy summon Edwards and Willimon to D.C. or set an afternoon aside for Willimon in the Upstate.

   At the Leland Inst in the D.C. vicinity is Daniel Carro, networked to the Billy Graham extended family through the Baptist World Alliance. Surely Don Wilton, Gowdy's pastor, with his connections to the BGEA can set Carro up with Gowdy. The BWA is hardwired to Anne Graham Lotz through her brother in law Denton Lotz.

    And Chic Fil A's Dan Cathy supported the Dream Act in 2006. Cathy's brother in law was a recent VP of the SBC IMB while Ginny Brant was an 8 year member of the board.

    So there you have it. Four wise great opportunities for Gowdy to explore Immigration reform with integrity as the House forms its bill for reconciliation with the Senate.


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