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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yellowhammer Cliff Simms distortion of Christianity

   I heard Cliff Simms on Crawford Broadcasting WYDE of Cullman, Alabama with his sidekick Scott Beason of FBC Gardendale today on the radio. I think Simms has a connection to the Church of the Highlands, a mega church in Mark Driscoll tradition with 14 or so "campuses" in North Central Alabama.
    Beason and Simms were talking about one of their favorite subjects the inferiority of the Muslim faith and its tendency to violence.
    Simms claims a degree with a minor in History, I think, from Auburn. He played HS Basketball and some college and his father is a Baptist minister of some stripe.
    Simms dismisses the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention while claiming expertise in things political. I'm pretty sure he hasn't read Molly Worthen's Apostles of Reason nor Wuthnow's Rough Country, nor the Thomas Powers review, nor Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America, nor Norm Ornstein's Its Worse than it looks. I doubt he will listen online to the NPR On the Media piece Sunday on Donald Trump's appeal to "white trash"; nor do I expect Simms is anxious to sit down with Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide football team and talk about whether President Obama has the Constitutional right to forward a nominee for the Supreme Court.
    Like Rick and Bubba if Simms weren't such a joke he wouldn't be taken seriously. But he has distorted the Christian Faith and most likely a majority of white males in Bama are with him and he conflates that to God is On His Side.
   I once thought he and his kind were like the organ grinder's monkey the more he climbed the monkey pole the more he showed his ass, but these are unusual times.
     It is likely ridiculous of me to think this blog will change much but I will bring it to the attention of some folk who have greater influence than me. Hopefully at some point David Matthews Civic Center or Auburn University Democracy Project will call Simms out and he'll be game for a two hour discussion with Leland Whaley and some of their betters as they most of the time go unchallenged or preach to the choir on Yellowhammer Radio.
   In the meantime, Cliff, in the slight chance you have a conscience now that your ambition is bringing you to what you consider success by your vain calculations, consider other "Christian" notions and tell Rick and Bubba about it.
      Check daily. Begin with their documentary on Muslim Christian relations.
    Enough for now. Hit like when you see this on your facebook wall.


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