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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SBC: "The carpet too is moving Under You"

Gonna update this one to July 28, a Thursday or so. See the new link at the bottom

That's a line from Bob Dylan's Great It's all over now Baby Blue.
Carpet is moving under lot in the Baptist spectrum these days.
Gonna cross reference here and see if any of your are interested in pursuing the randomness.
Made several phone calls today, including messages left for the editor of the Alabama Baptist and ALSBOM Ex Dir Rick Lance. Also had great **not_allowed** with religion writer for major national newspaper, almost all of them know me, you know. Well some of em, no kiddin.
Anyway--don'twant to give that Nazi Uguessedit, the commenter more fodder--the ground is soft, everywhere from the BGCT, to Revelations on Montoya's blog about the diseases of fundamentalist, to the pregnant conversation Burleson has engaged at Mercer's and Baps Today's to my input at Marty Duren's blog
Conversations are criscrossing; and if Hankins phd student Ben Cole links on his blog, then watch out Paige, Mohler and Pressler: Here Comes Paris Trout
If I can get some of you to engage the crossreferencing going on out there, context it all in Bruce Prescott's daily thoughts at . Bruce is getting lost in all this **not_allowed**, and for me, more days than not he sets the standard, along with at recognizing and separating the wheat from the chaff and making a difference.
Some of these young boys, Wade, Marty and Cole, are young colts, full of themselves and their notoriety. They aren't very deep, have not exhausted the requesite reading list. Who knows how bright they are, but right now they are just bucking around in the stall, not quite ready for the real deal. I don't see any Marneys or Truett's or Mark Noll's in the lot; just a lot of Bible College moxie and testosterone.
But hey, let's see where it goes.
My friend Tom Webb puts a lot of stock sees a lot of promise in Burleson in particular. There are signs conversations, even face to face dialogue is a possibility this fall in Oklahoma. Some of us are talking to John Killian here in Bama.
I hope all of you are not to proud to consider James Ault's Spirit and Flesh. His concluding chapters are the best guidelines I have seen to date for some substantive conversation.
Fire Richard Land; no compromise on that. And cut out all money to the Cooperative Program save the IMB that things get settled out. There may be ways to cooperate in several state conventions excluding TExas and Virginia, maybe Georgia and South Carolina. Go from there.
Interesting multiethnic church outside Houston, a pastor Woo, averages about 600 in Sunday worship, but soft affiliation with the BGCT.
Carpet too is moving under you. WE could indeed be on the front end of some major realignments, anothe round of reconfiguration.

Sfox, July 25, NACC

Thursday, Gadsden's new library, post salsa and then some CFA nuggets.

Marty Duren's blog and comment is hopping today. Duren has been on fire lately while Burleson is smouldering down into dense discussion about missional ideologies, concepts and strategies.
Sent strong Email to friends, Webb, Gourley and Flick; appreciative to Flick for visiting my blog here and commenting; Webb as well for the Library endorsement
Had good conversation today with my friend David Montoya, and the Shooger Booger. Very direct and frank with candor; maybe more kindness with Montoya than with the once beloved Boogershoog. Sent the CFA coupon on to Copey anyway as it was constructed without malice before the short conversation....FTR
Oh, and DanielS, you fiend, if you prowl here and comment, tell the world who you are and guessedit is. Jesus is tenderly calling you out, luminous and demanding as he always is, a thousand times more frightening than the Killer Sea. with a little help from Mary Oliver


Blogger pat said...

Fox, I'm just popping in to thank you for introducing me to Kate Campbell and Marilynne Robinson, both of whom you mentioned when you were still posting on the Baptist Life Forum. I have now read Gilead, a very beautiful book, and am in the process of reading both Housekeeping and Death of Adam. Kate Campbell I've been listening to on, and oh, my, she touches this Baptist soul. I'm getting ready to order her Blues and Lamentations. That's all. No comment on the rest of what you have here because mostly I have trouble following it. I'm glad you're blogging, though, and I find your reading lists intriguing and helpful.

8:06 AM  

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