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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let Justice RD Like Waters/SenSessions; Bdiddy, Prentice and Schaeffer

And Righteousness as a Mighty Stream.

There is a call for justice at from the BDiddy in Texas, and a man Bob Ferguson whose daughter teaches German at Samford and who knew a son of WD Fox in Europe. Will be interesting to see how their conversation develops at

Here is that exchange today, Oct 2:

Re: Handles
by bobfrgsn on Tue Oct 02, 2007 1:53 pm
by Big Daddy Weaver on Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:15 amHaruo,If this rule has been suspended, I would in fact love to change my own handle to B. Diddy.I would do so in honor of my favorite former member whose "indefinite ban" was both unjust, entirely unnecessary and thoroughly inhumane. So in honor of my fallen moderate soldier S. Fox - I take this opportunity to air my public grievance against all moderators who have allowed and tolerated such an injustice.As a more famous and slightly more articulate Alabama Baptist who also suffered much persecution once said - "An Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere"And herein ends my grievance.What has SFox done now! I agree wholeheartedly with BDW. Goodness!
Bob Ferguson

Fox again:

And this notice today at that surely must make for interesting conversations between UMC Bishop Willimon and the second most powerful Methodist in Alabama, Senator Jeff Sessions.

Got a reply today from Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham on my blog below about the God of Etenn. Shoulda said something about Cormac McCarthy

In a library now with a woman who was a Sunday School Student of Carlyle Marney when he was a student at my Dad's alma mater, Carson Newman in Jeff City.
So a good day for East Tenn.
Former CN proff Buddy Shurden is trying to help the good folks around Lumberton and Snyder Memorial today at Campbell Div School.
Hope it is going well as he informs about Preaching the Baptist Tradition; which at its best includes Charles Marsh of Wayward Christian Soldiers, and Randall Balmer's great BJC luncheon address June 29 this year.

It really is a shame I'm suspended from cause ripe discussion there BDiddy is taking charge of on James Dobson and the Jesus machine.
Fertile for Charles Marsh and his take on Wayward Christian Soldiers.
Here is what the DiddyB said today:

Re: James Dobson, Blackwater Group and the Jesus Machine
by Big Daddy Weaver on Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:19 pm
Bruce,I haven't read The Jesus Machine yet. But I heard Dan Gilgoff speak at an alumni reception for Wake Forest Divinity during this years CBF.Gilgoff was sharp. After his speech, a question and answer period was held and Gilgoff and Dr. Leonard answered questions about Baptists, politics, and the upcoming election. By far the best "break-out" session that I attended at CBF. "Patterson's minions are putting on their war paint, digging the trenches and preparing for guerilla warfare…. - ME in ABP

Chaplain W Prentice Fox USAF retired meanwhile is making a defense of Frank Page and his call for Civility. Little late In some ways since the damage has already been done in the SBC and c alcified for about ten years now.
Will be interesting to see If Chaplain Fox enters the Jesus Machine chat and engages his former European colleague Bob Ferguson there.
Chaplain Fox can show some evidence Frank Page registers with him with a simple appeal to the administrators to allow his nephew back on the board, who shoulda never been suspended in the first place. In his gut I think Chaplain Fox must know this. He knows the messages that were left on my machine, the boasting and mocking of my recent setback there; and the taunting at almost every turn when he first came on the board, he says at my invitation.

Even so, I do wish my friend and suspender, David Flick, speedy recovery and recuperation of mind, body and soul, in the wake of his recent setback and hospital stay.

And here hoping the magic continues with this link to another student of Barry Hankins, Ben ColeSep 28
WSJ covers SBCTopic: Around the SBC, SBC News, News, Benjamin Cole

If the WSJ article clicks up, wow.
How will Prentice parse his earlier obsession with Francis Schaeffer at the expense of Charles Marsh with this change of direction on politics of abortion from Schaeffer's son Frank.
And with the quote from Gushee, it's a whole new ballgame for Prentice and the irenic Frank Page. Cause it was Gushee and Carey Newman who in Hankins Books said about Mohler's Southern Sem where Joe Barnhart graduated: It is those two who say God is Not in this Place.
Frank Page may be doing the best he can and I applaud him for it; but just how much manure can he whitewash with this late call for civility?
See faith and practice and the SBC forum for context


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