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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking the Henny Challenge: Obama in NixonLand

A Serious seems to be young blogger is exploring some of the fodder that has arisen in the Steve Martin Comment line about Obama.
His blog link will appear soon.
Henny is taking seriously the Tom Sowell and Garry Wills link, processing, trying to get a deeper take on Obama.
That is my calling, to go for the depth.

While some of the following is facetious, for you unwitting out there just thought I would go ahead and tell you--I remember a rook game at the house before a marriage and how it was said Martha laughed when she got wind of it; but I digressed in a Luc Sante archeology of existence kinda way.

Where Was I?
Oh Here; maybe my recent post at will set this up and you can click on Henny Blog and Nixonland and the show should be on the road.
This is a serious matter, choosing our next President, so please, you harpies out there who hate my guts, take a break for a while cause I think want be long before Gloria and I are praying with you, if indeed you ever were Christian in the first place.

Oh, BTW, this is a great discussion going at so you may want to follow it at same time you consider the Henny challenge.
But in the spirit of Henny, let's all try to focus on this one.

Jonathan In NixonLand
by Stephen Fox on Thu Apr 17, 2008 7:42 pm
Jonathan, I'm a moment man, but I'm also an Oilman.Okay that doesn't make any sense, just having a little fun with myself and the great movie There Will Be Blood as thoughts are conflating in the framework of the latest review of Luc Sante, but then again that may prove your point I am gonna share a link to Nixonland as well as my latest blogging initiate, Henny; who is interested in civil and sincere dialogue. You may be his kind of fellow.I got my yard chair fixxed today and did some good thinking. Had the occasion to have a pleasant exchange with the Father of the Chair of Deacons and there is a Great story that goes with that as well I hope to tell you and Thornton in the Flesh sometime.I feel some eloquence comin on, but it could be Wednesday of next week before it eruptsGot my chair fixxed with couple nuts and bolts for a total of 36 cents though things were backed up at the counter and I left fifty cents and let the deak keep the change.Just sharing some of the "archaeology of my existence" to share a thought from Sante. Hope you appreciate it.Conflate NixonLand and I wil be with you soon; in the meantime hoping BDid will carry the Banner high.Oh, having some exchanges with some progeny of high ranking personality in the Nixon administration offline and it is fascinating indeed and an honor to be in dialogue; I think that makes two progeny though the 2nd I haven't talked to since 92Wouldn't be me without some links, now would it
Stephen Fox

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Private message

Henny's links since he provided them without juice at his place:

The first is by Thomas Sowell:

The second is by Gary Wills:

And Henny et. al; before you leave the starting gate, over the weekend I would encourage you to carefully read this article as well

And google up the cover story on Obama from The Rolling Stone. There or some other place Cornell West did a great assessment which I say in Martin comment line trumps anything Sowell has to offer, but I will try to parse Sowell a little better.


Blogger Henny said...

foxofbama while you are out there on the site, I'd like to suggest you check out this article as well:

Mr. Cosby, in my opinion, is very intelligent, caring and right on the mark. It's a good read.


9:27 AM  
Anonymous Toner said...

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8:23 PM  
Blogger Henny said...

Ok, I have updated my blog on the two views of Obama. I also read the other one you suggested, hope you read the other one I suggested.

I welcome comments. This election gets "curiouser and curiouser" as Alice said.

8:12 AM  

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