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Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin's Hypocritical Working Woman Appeal


The one legitimate criticism that hasn't really been out there yet--but that should be--is that, in turning herself into Everywoman, Palin is significantly misrepresenting most every woman. The underlying point of the Biden story is that he made sacrifices--bowing out of the public ceremony for his oath of office when his kids were in the hospital, forgoing evening events in Washington--to be a parent first. In contrast, Palin's parenting story is not about sacrifice or even the struggle for balance but about blithely doing it all. This vision of parenting is not only unrealistic--it devalues the job. Whether you work or stay at home, parenting is an exhausting around-the-clock juggling act; the list of people I have to thank for giving me the emotional energy and time just to write this article reads like an Oscar acceptance speech. Once the difficulty and sacrifice of the job have been elided, the basis for policy solutions is seriously undermined.
And these solutions are sorely needed. Over 70 percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 work. Yet women still earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men (on average, the families of working women lose nearly $10, 000 a year because of the earnings gap). Affordable child care is largely unavailable: In 2004, a single parent with average earnings spent about 37 percent of the family's after-tax income on center-based child care. This is an incredible financial burden, particularly for the 30 percent of working families headed by single mothers. And, with rising gas and food prices, the strain has only gotten worse.
Palin, by contrast, has a six-figure salary and an incredible support system--a husband with flexible jobs rather than a competing career, a close-knit community, and a host of nearby grandparents, aunts, and uncles to lend a hand on the domestic front. Palin freely admits to these advantages but offers no solutions for the majority of women who don't have them.
Palin is staunchly pro-life, but, beyond this very public position, she has a slender record on issues that affect working moms. She is a member of Feminists for Life, an anti-abortion group that also advocates for equal pay for women, for part-time and telecommuting situations for working moms, and against domestic violence. (The group supported Biden's Violence Against Women Act.) Presumably Palin shares these views. But, despite all her emphasis on being a working mom and breaking the glass ceiling, in her debut and acceptance speeches Palin never once mentioned her support for any of these issues or the legislation designed to address them. And she said nary a word about affordable child care. Her record on this issue is even more discouraging: Though it's true she did declare May 9 Child-Care Provider Appreciation Day, she also line-item vetoed the funding for a vocational residential facility that included a child care center for students, as well as the funds for breast-feeding pumps, among other supplies, for a Women, Infants, and Children program for poor women.
This is, of course, precisely the Republican Party line. The 2008 Republican Party platform advocates more part-time and flexible jobs for working parents but contains not a single mention of affordable child care or equal pay. And McCain's record on issues that affect working moms is on the same sorry page as his party's--he skipped a vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (which helps ensure women get equal pay); he opposed expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which covers uninsured children, to include their parents; and he has consistently opposed not only abortion rights but family-planning legislation, even for low-income women.


Two notes; Lilly Ledbetter is from Gadsden, Alabama and should campaign with Josh Segall to recapture the US Bama Congressional Third With Josh Segall.
Palin differs with Cindy MCcain on abortion who believes in exceptions for rape and incest and life of the Mother, which begs the questions if it is murder how do you play god and make exceptions.
It also makes a hypocrite of McCain whose first choice was Prochoice Lieberman.
The Abortion plank for the GOP is only a political tool to fool the dimwitted, just as George Wallace used to play the race card.
You can't say the N Word anymore now that in the SEC every Fall Saturday 17 of every 22 (do the Math) players on the field are of color, so you hold up a picture of a 7 month fetus in the womb in distress to keep the money flowing to the rich all the time squeezin the workin poor of every color.
Same result, different poster.
It is sinister, there is no political will or conviction to it.
Palin was pimped onto the ticket by the same rightist Exxon Oil Council for National Policy(Latter day John Birch Society and Texas Regulars that yelled Commie every time their tax breaks were up for grabs) forces that defeated Cindy McCain's pastor, the man who baptized her, Richard Jackson, in his lost cause to stop the fundamentalist forces that took over the Southern Baptist Convention, and neutron bombed the Baptist World Alliance, and mocked Judge Frank Johnson, Hugo Black, Abraham Lincoln and Stewart Newman; not to mention Atticus Finch.


Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

Good post. I'm glad you are able to stick with this mess and point out the hypocritical actions of this candidate and her supporters. I understand what you said, but I wish I knew where "RS" is coming from in his/her "post."

6:59 PM  
Blogger Jeannie Babb Taylor said...

"The Abortion plank for the GOP is only a political tool to fool the dimwitted."

Well said!

The scary thing is... I'm not sure Palin realizes that it's only supposed to be rhetoric. She may actually believe the Republican platform involves controling every womb in the country. She has made those choices for herself and her daughter; perhaps she believes that qualifies her to make such choices for the rest of the country -- yes, even rape victims.

1:31 PM  
Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

Palin is an attractive distraction that prevents attention to an understanding that the poor, working, and middle class individual (the everyperson some wish to assert that she represents) enjoys far greater economic health under democratic presidents than under the leadership of republican presidents.

Steve, please promote my blog at BaptistLife. Thanks.


7:26 AM  
Blogger Connie said...

Sorry, friend, but your slip is showing. Since Pavin is a woman, you expect her to champion all those feminist causes. That's old school discrimination. Pavin's interests and talents are in leadership, ethics, energy while wrapping her children in a loving family. And I would consider her quite successful at it. Perhaps the old Fox finds that a bit uncomfortable. Connieg

11:04 AM  

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