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Friday, October 10, 2008

RickNBubba and Bama Bap Con Politics

I called the Rick N Bubba show this morning toll free at 866 We Be Big.
Sweet girl answered the phone and promised to pass on my note to Rick.
I congratulate him on being chosen to be a featured speaker at the Alabama Baptist Convention this November after the nation's Presidential election.
Rick has a strong testimony--I am proud of him for his pilgrimage thus far--but it's political outcroppings are a little shallow and one dimensional, like that of Rick Warren.
I am challenging Rick to take a close look at Tim Tyson's Blood Done Sign my Name, particularly the chapters, "The Other South" and "We All Have a Story To Tell."
Tyson comes from the same kind of folks as Rick, just a couple states away. Rick if he is going to take the stage he is now embracing, should have more dialogue with UMC Bishop Willimon for one, who knows Tyson and his work well.
And shared reading with my Friend Dr. Thurmond at Dexter Ave in Montgomery couldn't hurt Rick either.
A movie is in the works of Tyson's story. Tyson is highly regarded by North Carolina Baptist , who like Rick, lost a child tragically. And the book has a scalding abortion story that will resonate with the evangelical world of RickNBubba.
Still, there is much room for Rick and the world of Joe Godfrey and his predeessor to grow. Inching toward the ecumenicity of Anne Graham Lotz for one wouldn't hurt.
In the meantime, Rick, your secretary has the note. Get the book before you preach to the state baptists and by all means get Tyson on your show to talk about it and the movie.


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