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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet Jesus, the Truth about Palin from a Baptist

Look out Jesus, it's Paris Trout

Or Ain't nothing gonna help a Hick but a Hick hisself.

One Line from Paris Trout and the second from Willie Stark, from Mason City, Yonder.

I've been reading Michelle Cottle for sometime now. And I'm proud and to have broached her name to a woman from Jackson, Mississippi, whose Momma mighta been her guidance counselor in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where I thougt she was from, but turns out she is also from Hixson Tennessee.

She is telling the God's truth here, this woman raised Southern Baptist and went to Vandy and like Jedediah Tewksbury in a Place to Come To, Got all She could and got out; but still knows good people.
That is where Annie Lucas Brown could teach the folks at the Collinsville Baptist Church and the Public Library a thing or two, and I believe she will eventually cause God is Good and Mart Gray knows the truth but I digressed.

This ain't about me. This is about Sarah Palin and the wedge card and my letter in the Bham News Letters Hopper and the God's Truth, as strong as the one by Otis in Frailty. ; Something is telling me you are out there on this one. Pick it up and do something for Johnny Pierce and Robert Parham.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a smart woman raised Baptist who writes for the New Republic. Marshall Frady and David Halberstam got to be proud.

An excerpt:
(and first two comments aren't bad either, a bonus)

Now I appreciate the effectiveness of insulting stereotyping as much as the next pundit, but I'm getting exceedingly tired of hearing about how much I scorn Sarah Palin because she is a hick chick from a hick state who didn't go to Harvard. Please. I grew up in freaking Southeast Tennessee, in a smallish suburb of Chattanooga known as Hixson. (That's right, pronounced hick-son.) I have spent more time at mudbogs, tractor pulls, county fairs, pig-roasts, dirt-bike races, and Wal-Marts than most of the anti-elite conservative whiners flapping their gums and wringing their hands over poor disrespected Sarah. I attended public high school, and the bulk of my classmates had Appalachian accents so thick they make Palin sound like a network anchor. The boys were hunters. The girls--myself included--had absolutely enormous hair. If any of my friends wasn't a Christian, she had the good sense not to mention it to the rest of us, lest we try to save her soul at the countless revivals, church camps, and youth retreats we all attended. I was always smart but have never been an in-tel-lec-tu-al. (Shhhhh. Don't tell my bosses.) And despite graduating second in my class, it never even occurred to me to apply to an Ivy League university. I went to college at Vanderbilt in Nashville--on scholarship, lest anyone assume that my family was upper-crusty.
Just like Ralph Peters, I KNOW Sarah Palin. Hell, in my younger days, I WAS Sarah Palin. (Well, minus being a crack shot.) The difference is I don't fetishize my regular-gal roots and assume they make me special--much less qualified to run the country. And while I have indeed witnessed my fair share of cultural snobbery from some of my better-credentialed, coastal colleagues over the years, I'm not so defensive about where I come from that I feel the need to champion a wildly unqualified fellow hick whose politics I disagree with as a way to get back at everyone I know who has ever made a sniffy comment about big hair or small towns.
Memo to Ralph & Co.: Get over yourselves and stop lumping everyone who grew up in non-elite circles into some persecuted ball of burning, self-righteous resentment. And now and again try to stop patting yourselves on the back for personally knowing someone who once went to Alaska (Did I mention that I've also been?) long enough to acknowledge that not everyone--not even everyone in the media--objects to Palin because she is an un-ivied "rube." Some of us, in fact, don't give a rat's ass where she comes from. We're too busy worrying about where she and McCain want to take us all next.
--Michelle Cottle

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2008 5:49 PM with 42 comment(s)
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adaglas said:
Brava, Michelle. That kicked ass.
September 22, 2008 6:36 PM
colablease said:
This ex-Carolina mill kid [who may have been one of your ex-profs at Vandy] says thanks as well. I do think a lot of lefties set themselves up for this stuff, and I've complained about it. But coming from a Peters, this rhetoric is nothing more than "let's change the subject!" The country's going down the tubes, and they want to dredge up these increasingly tiresome culture-wars arguments. But what can you say when you have nothing worthwhile to say about the actual issues facing the country?
September 22, 2008 6:58 PM


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