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Monday, September 29, 2008

Parham, Sarah Palin, and Sam Harris; Alaska Cousins

I hope my cousins in Alaska are still on speakin terms as this Palin stuff gets curiouser and curiouser.
Like George W. Bush, if it weren't for the politics I think I could be friends with Sarah and First Dude Todd and Willow and Piper et. al;
On a good day I can be friends all the way from Michelle Cottle, the Baptist from Hixson, Tn who took Palin to task recently at Reverse Snobbery); from Cottle to Palin to John Killian and John Screws.
Like Frank Johnson, it is hard to forgive Richard Land and Jerry Vines, but for the folks, with the exception of South Carolina Primary in W's instance, and Palin and INternational Relations; Where am I going here, somewhere between feel like I almost know W. since I talked to his friend Jim Lacey on the phone, and knew the Baptist preacher down the road during W.'s Rehab Dan Vestal in Midland, and have spoken to the Quarterback in the movie version of Friday Night Lights and met his neighbor in Speake.

Point bein Robert Parham and Michelle Cottle and Melissa Rogers and Randall Balmer and Kimball ought to get together even if it has to be after the election, and talk this thing through as soul's are at stake; and I hope to keep good relations with Cousins Neil and Deb in Wasilla/Palmer.

Praying for the Diplomatic Relations here:

Quoting Parham:

Instead, centrist faith leaders should begin engaging the new atheists by first taking back the microphone from the fundamentalists who define faith. Real faith gets fouled by those who distort it and the distorters of faith become easy foils for the new atheists.

The best recent example of this is Sam Harris' three-page attack on Sarah Palin in Newsweek. Her lack of gravitas, minimal educational credentials and unusual faith practices became a useful brush with which to belittle Christianity, as if she was the best representative of Christian faith.

Second, centrist faith leaders should insist on a fair debate in the public square without playing the victim card. When Newsweek pitted last year the intellectual Harris against the non-intellectual Rick Warren, authentic faith was poorly represented. It sounded defensive and indefensibly tired. Newsweek should be criticized for its matchup without arguing that it was a veiled conspiracy against Christians.



Blogger bapticus hereticus said...

contrary to some, these conservatives know how to throw a party. invited me to one, encouraged me to drink and enjoy myself as I have not experienced before. goodness, I did, they did, we all did. then they stuck me with the bill for the whole affair. the manners of it; they didn't greet me with a kiss. since they now know me, perhaps next time?

10:35 AM  

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