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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nick Foster on his Momma and George Wallace

This is pretty strong stuff.

It reminds me a good deal of the tone of Robert Penn Warren's a Place to Come To.

My Momma, born in Alabama July 6, 1923 woulda liked this, liked she liked the columns of Celestine Sibley; even got mentioned in one of them once. At the time like Nick was recently, Momma was in the "throes of packing" as Sibley said.

I know Nick Foster. His Great friend Jim Evans was in the audience when David Currie and Mark Baggett came to Collinsville for the presentation on True Vine Baptists Feb 24, 2002.

One fellow asked: "Why Bring it Here?"

Nick wrestles with some of the same things I do, but he is better at it, more eloquent, and even tempered. I have to believe this blog will come to his attention soon so this is what I have to say to him.
Be sure soon as you can up there in Indiana to google up James Wood on the Prodigal Son. It will be strong medicine, but a blessing as well.

Nick Foster; I don't know if he plays cards with JD Shellnutt, but I do know he runs in the same circles as Annie Lucas and Mart Gray, and the Montevallo Crowd for better Libraries in the State of Alabama. And I take some consolation in that cause some folks know where the Justice of it is.

Here is what Nick Foster had to say on leaving Alabama for the Second Time.

I hope all of you read it.

I know one fellow in Collinsville knew Wallace well, is good friend of Randy Owen; and uncle of one of my sister's best friends now in South Dakota. I hope someone prints out Nick's lament for him, so he can pass it on to Cecil; and he gets it to Owen to share with Lowell Barron and Bobby Lowder so they can think about it too.


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