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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baptist Women raised Right

Review by a woman in Acworth Georgia on Rome Georgia Susan Shaw's new book.

Elizabeth M. Ragusin (Acworth , GA) - See all my reviews This captivating book offers an insider's look at Southern Baptist women within southern culture. The theme of "soul competency" is thoughtfully explored through the eyes and experiences of many different women with a unifying result. "God Speaks to Us, Too" is both funny and provocative. The notion of being "raised right" is a humorous vein that runs throughout the book. From the "we speak in code" acronyms of WMU, RAs, GAs, BYPU, and others, to the carefully directed activities of coronation ceremonies and sword drills, this book is very funny indeed. And all is presented amidst the backdrop of the denomination's greatest crisis to date--the fundamentalist takeover of the convention in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This power struggle within the hierarchy, and the effect it had on the denomination and institutions of higher learning associated with it, directly influenced the lives of many different women. This is the continuing story of these women, their struggles, and their triumphs. This book will appeal to all women acquainted with the Southern Baptist tradition, and will enlighten those not familiar with this way of life. Well done, Susan Shaw!

End Quote

As this book goes to the heart of Historical Societies and Women's Study Clubs in small towns and larger burgs across the region, what is keeping the public and church libraries say in Dekalb county from dragging their feet in getting copies of this book; even more from having public discussions about it.
If you can crack the code of the WMU for instance, you may have a chance at Constitutional Reform in Alabama; even establish fairer and more just guidelines for church membership and resolution of church conflict as the Bible and Susan Shaw's book if they say anything, use a colloquialism of Sarah Palin, shout out against kangaroo courts.


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