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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bama US Senator Shelby, Nick Saban's wife and Immigration

March 17 High Noon I attended Town Hall meeting with Senator Shelby in small pizza place on 68 in Leesburg, Alabama; not far from Bill Glenn's Mtn Grill Restaurant. About 25 folks were there including two youngsters running for area Judge. My friend Melvyn Salter, SEBTS grad 1970--same one in N.C. my Dad finished in 56--was not there.
Bout the fifth time I've been in Town Hall with the Senator over the last 24 years or so, Twice in Ft Payne, Once in Valley Head, twice in Rainsville and Once in Collinsville, when he first became a Senator. He was a Democrat then, and I think Bill Shepard was there.
I asked the first question when after his brief intro. Whatever his faults, he has always been open to questions in these town halls, and tries to appear in every county at least once a year.
I said two weeks earlier I had been in Selma for the annual commemoration March over the Edmund Pettus. Marched this year with MLKing's son, Dick Gregory, Jesse Jackson, RFK's widow Ethel and others. Casey Mattox was not there.
Told the Senator I talked to several U Bama students that day. In particular talked to one about a Howell Raines piece of TNR Dec 83 about the Bear and George Wallace, and a Mother Jones current piece about Kris Kobach and the Bama Immigration Bill. Young fellow said he went to Catholic Church in Tuscaloosa with Coach Nick Saban's wife; sees her there quite often.
I asked the Senator if he had read the MJ Piece and had he had any occasion to discuss the immigration bill in Bama with the Sabans.
He said he'd had several conversations with the Sabans, found them gracious folks, but had not talked about the Bama Bill with them.
He went on to say he felt the Bama bill was reaction to the failure of the Federal government to take action of Immigration, but said it was fault of both parties. Said over the last 15 years or so the U.S. had created a "monster" when it comes to immigration.
As he talked he seemed to take a stance more like George W. Bush and Newt Gingrich, than Romney and Santorum. He did say he voted for Romney in the Bama primary as distinct to SBC Deacon Gov Bentley's vote for Santorum
The Cherokee County Herald was there and it appeared another paper. I think you can google their stories in a few days.
I stopped back by Bill Glenn's later in the day to give him a report for a free tea, as he moonlights as a politician himself, but he was in the back. Place was starting to pack as it does most weekend nights, so I matriculated on to find a wide screen TV somewhere for some March Madness; and I walked up to the cemetery to talk to Momma as she had died 24 years earlier on that day.
I think she woulda been proud of my conversation with the Senator and my intentions with the conversation.
Maybe more later


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